Why I’m voting National Democratic Assembly (Balad)

National Democratic Assembly logo
National Democratic Assembly logo

The Israeli Left has a fantasy: that the Palestinians will disappear, or at the very least that they will make do with their place as victims. Victims on whose behalf demonstrations can be conducted. About whom reports can be written. And with whom solidarity visits can even be conducted. The important thing is that the Palestinians will stop torpedoing the social agenda and allow us to speak about housing, education, culture and the trade union struggle.

From the perspective of the Israeli Left, the Palestinians don’t have to actually disappear – this is the Israeli Left, after all, and not some branch of the Habayit Hayehudi. But they should stop talking about the struggle for liberation and talk about housing, education, culture and the trade union struggle.

The Israeli Left, i.e. the Jewish Left, has a fantasy: that all of this national struggle, and all these flags, the right of return and Palestinian dispossession, will no longer be part of the discussion. Then, finally(!), the Left can oppose nationalism and discuss a civil agenda. It will be possible to organise meetings between neighbourhoods, to eat hummus together. Moreover, it will be possible to think that Tel Aviv is like Cairo or Barcelona, to gather like the Catalans and march like the Egyptians. The main thing: that all this boycott stuff will disappear and it will be possible to say that Zionism is no longer a relevant question.

When the Palestinians disappear from the political discourse, so many doors will be opened for the Israeli Left: it will be possible to unionise the security company workers deployed in East Jerusalem without anyone saying the workers are mercenaries; it will be possible to form a real trade union without all sorts of national questions coming up and annoying the Left. It will be possible to conduct discussions between Marxists and Anarchists as if this was somewhere in the heart of Europe. Because then, when the Palestinians disappear, there will remain only ideology.

It will be so good for Da’am, Hadash, Meretz and the Labour parties that the Palestinians will disappear.

I am not a partner to this fantasy. I am voting the National Democratic Assembly.


Translated to English by the Alternative Information Center (AIC).




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